Our Mission

The Rockside staff offers a combined experience of over 50 years of fine carpentry and millwork. We have world wide experience in a variety of residential and commercial settings. From homes and businesses around Swift Current, and other areas of Saskatchewan, to luxury villas in the Caribbean, executive homes in the Foothills of Alberta, and work in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Botswana, Germany, Netherlands, UK, South Africa, the US, and Mexico. We have been fortunate to hire some very skilled and dedicated professionals, who bring a wealth of experience to the Rockside team.

We work with suppliers and manufacturers from across Canada, the U.S., and Europe to source the very finest woods, materials and hardware for our projects.  In addition to the major local millwork suppliers, we have suppliers for exotic woods from around the world, even buying direct from small specialized saw mills on Vancouver Island and in Alaska that produce to our order, and we also deal with various timber re-cycling companies that source materials for us for the more “rustic” projects.

We endeavor to be on top of the current trends and materials being offered to our industry.

We pride ourselves on the work we’ve done that is special and unique.  We are not just another “box shop”, we’ve taken on the projects that others didn’t want to do, or simply couldn’t do.

Our machinery and tooling is certainly state of the art for a smaller “boutique” shop.  We have a CNC router for panel cutting, which gives great flexibility in cabinet size and design.  Your project is computer designed, 3D rendered for review, and then many of the components are cut by this computer controlled and precise machine.

Unlike most cabinet shops, we manufacture all our own cabinet doors.  This gives us control over quality and allows more flexibility.  We also have machinery to cut our own moldings, so your crown molding and window casing will come from the same lift of lumber as your doors and cabinets.

Rockside also manufactures interior and exterior custom doors, for that bold and custom statement on your home.

The large factory shops producing several kitchens in a single day just can’t offer the level of customization and customer interface that we do.  Our business model is to do a few jobs very well every year, with 3 skilled craftsmen and a modest sized shop, rather than to crank out truckloads of cabinets, with a massive staff and building.

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